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Jemma Prophet is a writer living in Seattle, which may have more writers per capita than is healthy due to an absurd number of coffee shops and a climate conducive to remaining indoors at all times. Her hobbies other than writing include procrastinating on Twitter and Tumblr, playing video games, taking poorly lit photographs of her dogs, and cooking things that are delicious but really probably not that healthy to eat.

In her non-writing life, she has a very weird¬†wonderful job working for a company that operates virtual worlds, inspiring such overheard-at-work quotes as, “It isn’t the hair that’s making you crash, it’s the bee gun.” She spent two years living in one of the more remote parts of Japan, teaching English and learning how to read labels in order to avoid eating fish; in retrospect, it may have been the wrong country to move to.

She should probably be writing as we speak.

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