Here’s what I’m working on these days — please note, all titles are subject to change, because I’m dreadful at titles and they are the worst:



Architeia — a portal fantasy (be warned, that goes to TVTropes – click at your own peril) that’s something like Ready Player One meets The Winter Soldier. Lady rangers! Missing memories! A strange new world! Karaoke!

> Status: Out for submission.

* The Last City of the King — sequel to Architeia, wherein consequences and weirdness wreak havoc with our dear characters.

> Status: Drafting.

* Wildfey — a modern fairy apocalypse. Which, if you had to pick an apocalypse, at least has the consolation of alien but oddly attractive elves trying to murder you. (They’re much prettier than ebola.)

* The Last Queen — So if you’re going to murder a royal family and depose them it’s a really good idea to make sure you get them all. Features a mother separated from her children, a hot illegitimate mercenary captain with daddy issues, and a scenic travelogue through endless rolling plains filled with civil warring tribes.

> Status: In revision.

* Semi-Charmed Life — Being a possessed magical girl isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. For one, Naomi lost a year of her life, waking up with fragmented memories and haunted by visions of what she’d done. It’s taken her years to start to get over it — but now the world she’s struggled to put behind her is back, and it’s not willing to let her go.

> Status: Out for submission.


As Cairo Ford, Speculative Romance Novelist:

  • Revelation (First Book in the Primals series) — They’ve lived among humans for centuries, but one doctor is about to discover that the Primals are more than just a myth.

> Status: Drafting – and so close to finished that I can _taste_ victory.

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