Here’s what I’m working on these days — please note, all titles are subject to change, because I’m dreadful at titles and they are the worst:



Architeia — a portal fantasy (be warned, that goes to TVTropes – click at your own peril) that’s something like Ready Player One meets The Winter Soldier. Lady rangers! Missing memories! A strange new world! Karaoke!

> Status: Out for submission.


* Wildfey — a modern fairy apocalypse. Which, if you had to pick an apocalypse, at least has the consolation of alien but oddly attractive elves trying to murder you. (Much prettier than ebola.)

> Status: In revision.


* The Last Queen — So if you’re going to murder a royal family and depose them it’s a really good idea to make sure you get them all. Features a mother separated from her children, a hot illegitimate mercenary captain with daddy issues, and a scenic travelogue through endless rolling plains filled with civil warring tribes.

> Status: In revision.

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